10 Thoughts When…

Let’s review a few fun facts about my life.

A) I have a boyfriend named MC
B) We are long distance
C) I am horrible at all forms of communication (excluding Instagram and Snapchat)

Well, this weekend I’m pretty sure I hit a peak in my life because MC told me he got accepted to Maryland for Fall 2017. Aw, it’s okay, I basically peed my pants of joy too when I found out. If you’re familiar with the transfer process for UMD then you know that the application is long, nothing happens on time, and they love to keep you guessing. So when MC’s decision was two weeks late, we had kinda lost hope that it would work out. Blame it on the system. Blame it on my acute pessimism. Whatever.

But sitting at my internship, rereading his message “I got in” ten thousand times, these were the 10 thoughts that immediately ran through my head.

  1. This is a mean joke. 
  2. Is this actually a joke.
  3. Wait, oh my god, this is real.
  4. I wish I could stand up and dance right now. 
  5. What would happen if I stood up and danced right now.
  6. My heart might explode out of my body. 
  8. I wonder if MC’s dad is crying right now.
  9. Remember to order him a present on Amazon. 
  10. I’m so proud of my boyfriend. 

It can be scary to think about merging two things that’ve been so separate for the past year. MC and I always say how we don’t really know each other as college students, but luckily that gets to change. The beauty of long distance, while super horrible, is that you can freely grow and change and bring a new perspective to the relationship. I think without our time apart there are a lot of things that wouldn’t have ever matured between us. Going to school together will probably prove to be another challenge, but at least it’s one where we can see each other without planning it weeks in advance.

Before I wrap this up with some cute closing line, I want to emphasize how proud I am of MC. It wasn’t an easy journey to get here, but he worked so hard to be a Terp. And no, he’s not just transferring for me. See, two people can want to be at the same place, irrelevant of each other. Strange concept, I know. Try and wrap your brain around it. And no matter where our relationship goes from here, at least we’re both where we belong, rubbing Testudo’s nose. 

So get ready for adorable Instagrams of your favorite couple decked out in red, black, white, and gold.

Stuck in my head: Wait // M83
Snap it: Towson, MD

Peace, love, JURD. 


As the weather gets warmer and the lectures get more boring, it’s definitely evident that spring fever is a thing. And by “a thing” I mean more infectious than the Zika virus. Suddenly even the smallest homework assignments feel like pushing boulders uphill with your bff Prometheus at your side. Aka, so not fun. Aka, a total struggle. 

I’ve never been one to procrastinate but recently everything and anything is better than sitting in a study room with a textbook and practice problems. I’ve recently started running again because even the pain and punishment of the miles ahead beat business statistics. And the hardest part of the whole situation is that we’re barely even, what I would call, close to the end of the semester. 4-5 weeks. You could order like ten thousand things on Amazon in that time. 

While most of me is so done with freshman year, leaving school is a confusing feeling. My routine as I know it will be completely flipped upside down and I’ll be trading hours at Stamp Student Union for hours in the sand. Outdoor dining and sunscreen, here I come. But saying goodbye to my partners in crime in CP will definitely be harder than imagined. If only Jenkintown, Columbia, Greece, and Bethesda were steps apart instead of miles. Honestly, they’re not far (except Greece), but they’re not the room next door. I guess it’ll just be a test of my communication skills. Which we all know are a 7/10 on a good day, and nonexistant on a busy day. Summer goal: soak up the sun and return a text. 

Okay, enough fantasizing about what *will* be and time to get to business. Finals might be weeks away, but it’s never to early to start complaining about them. Welcome to the best years of your life, they said. College so much fun, they said. I think they forgot about the weeks leading up to Summer.

My motivation is officially dead. RIP. Pay your respects in the form of avocados, please. 

Stuck in my Head: Way It Goes // Hippo Campus
Snap it: College Park, MD

It’s All About The Aestheic.

Since I spend all my time posting on Instagram or wanting to post on Instagram I figured it was about time to reveal my Instagram social strategy. No, it’s not just IG whatever’s on the plate today, each post goes through a series of steps before it can be deemed *ready for insta*. If I’m being totally honest, some pictures come to me in visions and I can’t eat/sleep/function until I capture them IRL. Okay fine, I can eat and sleep. But functioning is hard when that perfect post isn’t in your camera roll.

Each post is a little different, but most follow the same guidelines. Horizontal, flash if indoor, natural light preferred, probably closed smile, coffee in hand if available. Might seem simple but it’s not. You can ask my sister/personal photographer. Think ten thousand shots, ten thousand angles, and ten thousand complaints from the model. But hey, I’m just trying to capture a memory.

From there we go into editing. Nothing extreme, just playing with contrast, brightness, and lux. The goal is to make the photo kiiinnndddaa match the rest of the photos on your profile feed. This is where the element of aestheic comes in. If you’re a teenage girl right now you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not a teenage girl then you’re definitely questioning my sanity and it sounds like I’m speaking gibberish. Hang in there with me.

Your IG aesthetic is the vibe of your feed. This term popped up with the rise of Instagram Influencers and it’s one of my favorite aspects of the platform. Essentially, you’re building a personality and a brand through your feed, and the way you do that is by purposely posting pictures that reflect that vibe. That vibe is your aesthetic and your aesthetic is your profile. I try and aim for a little city, a little campus, and mostly Cava. Finally it gets sent to a few bffs for comments and suggestions, captioned (always ending with a . because consistency, hello), and debated for another 2 or so minutes. Then, it’s out of my control and into the Insta-sphere.

I could talk about Instagram forever, but here’s the truth to my thoughts behind a post. What would Lucie B. Fink/Katy Bellotte/theFeedFeed/Aimee Song** do? To me, Instagram is also about being inspired and sharing photos you’re proud of. So when I hit that share button in the top right corner of the app it’s because this is something that’s worth it. It’s those fun nights out, those fun nights in, and all the meals in between. 

So I’ll just put this out there. I’m Instagram obsessed, well dressed, and aiming to impress. And if you don’t like it, feel free to unfollow.

Stuck in my head: Hey Now // Matt and Kim
Snap it: My Instagram Feed, find it here.

Keep in mind I want to work in social media!  I’m not just like super crazy. There’s a plan behind the passion, don’t worry. 

** These are some of my favorite Instagram bloggers. Check them out. Major IG crushes. 

Calling All the Cyclists.

I feel like on some level I knew I was born to scream at riders from a bike since my first spin class back in freshman year of high school. Something about the music, the ride, and the energy in the room captured me from day one and I was addicted. The sound of the pedals is music to my ears. I wish I had it on a track to listen to all day. Spinning to the sound of spinning, watch out it’s the new Soul Cycle.

Not going to lie, it was a little intimidating going into my first class. I had practiced the playlist & cues at least a million times, but saying it on a mic was a little more intense than whispering it in the corner of a crowded gym. But if I’m not lying then I also have to admit I wasn’t that nervous, it was just my workout with a little twist.

I really wanted to become a spin teacher for a couple reasons. The music, the ride, and the motivation.

For the music-I truly believe that if your playlist is something that gets people singing and dancing and moving all on its own, your workout will fly by even if you just do a seated climb the entire time. Cue Justin Beiber, Beyonce, and all kinds of Iggy.

For the ride- I love to switch it up in each song. No two songs are exactly the same. Shorter segments of each movement makes for a shorter feeling ride and a stronger rider.

For the motivation- I really want to help people find their love for exercise the way past spin teachers have helped me find mine. My first class teaching was full of first timers, and while it was a super hard playlist, I was so proud to introduce all those ladies (and man) to something that really helped me learn to value my health. If I even get one girl to come back & give it another go I’ll be one step closer to my goal. And yes, my goal is to add some more spin junkies to a world seemingly overflowing with runners. 

Hey Mom, I think I’ve found my calling. Forget college, I’m offically pushing pedals and playing pop music for a living. 

Stuck in my head: Reflections // Misterwives
Snap it: University of Maryland

Catch me Mondays at 6:30pm.

Shoutout to my favorite spin buddy for coming out for my Satuday class this week. Peace, love, mothers&daughters that spin together. Also sorry to MC who was forced into the ride. Hope the sweat was worth it. 

Better Late Than Never.

Finally, after all this time, I gave in and listened to the Hamilton soundtrack. And yes, it is astoundingly amazing, and yes, I regret not doing it sooner. I am officially obsessed and officially by myself because everyone else is already onto the next thing.

First, let me start by saying that real life Alexander Hamilton is so much more than the white wig they teach you in school. Textbooks don’t do the man justice. Granted, I didn’t pay *the most* attention in US history, so maybe I just missed that chunk of the story, but let me tell you, his life was a soap opera and a half. I’m talking Days Of Our Lives minus the Joey Tribbiani.

But I think the true reason I appreciate Lin-Manuel Miranda’s (GENIUS) work so much is that the writing is clever and compelling and honest in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Line after line leaves me speechless & I can’t help but stop and think about the power of his words in telling a story.

A lot of things can happen in your life and the musical really drills home the idea of working for a legacy but having no ability to choose who tells you story. It’s something I’ve never really thought of before and honestly, it’s a little scary. Hamilton had his wife Eliza, but when you’re only 18 and the best thing you’ve achieved in your life so far is getting into college, you can’t help but wonder whose stories you’re going to be telling down the road and if you’ll do it justice. Esoteric stuff, man. That’s what Broadway does to you.

I think that written word is very powerful. Look at the Federalist Papers, or really just any papers, and consider the sheer reach they have. So many people can be influenced by just a few phrases, incomplete thoughts, statements. One line in the show says “your sentences left me defenseless, you built me palaces out of paragraphs, you built cathedrals” and I think that really captures the way I feel about a good writer and his words. There’s so much potential. So much strength. So much expression.

Overall, this is basically just me getting to fangirl months late. Oh, and I can’t stop reading all my notes in rap now. It’s fine. We’re fine.

Stuck in my head: Wait for It // Hamilton (lol you guessed it!!!)
Snap it: a poetry book in Key West.

Like A Girl.

I’m a huge fan of classic movies. And by classic I mean Clueless and Mean Girls, not whatever black and white shot-on-film thing you were thinking. But here’s my one problem: all these girl power features promote girl on girl hate as part of a friendship. And let me just tell you, girl on girl hate has no place in my friendships at all. Zip. Zap. Zero. 

In honor of International Womens Day, I want to vent about my top pet peeve. As my friendships have grown and matured through the years I’ve learned that unnecessary confrontation and sass only inhibit your ability to truly benefit from a relationship. I think that little flame that makes a teenage girl feel incomplete without drama goes out in *most* people pretty early in high school. And while it seems the days of middle school cat fights have been traded for constructive conversation, in all honesty, the hate is still around and it’s perpetuated by the fact that so many people choose dismiss it.

I want to focus in on one aspect in particular, which is when this happens between close friends. We’re all guilty of snapping sometimes, but when someone who claims to love you unconditionally drags you down through verbal violence it’s really unfortunate. And personally, I tend to move those people to the end of my go-to list. We don’t have to get along perfectly, but being “attacking” and saying things WITH THE INTENT TO HURT stand to say that there are things more valuable than my friendship. Honesty is crucial, but so are delicacy and restraint. There’s a way to say the hard things without making them feel like daggers through the BFF heart.

None the less, I’ve been so fortunate to learn from so many strong women who have shaped me into who I am. And from each of them I have seen traits that I’m even more proud to see in myself today. I know dedication and confidence from my Mom, & kindness and empathy from my aunts. One grandma has shown me how to enjoy the finer things in life while never forgetting what’s truly important and the other one an appreciation for simplicityMy sister has taught me so much about compassion, staying young, and what it really means to be a role model. Friends have built my overall awareness and my ability to laugh at myself in the face of failure (or in the face of being made fun of for my weird “phases”). Camp counselors created acceptance, both for myself and for others, while years with poms taught me leadership and courage. AOII is overflowing with such giving and welcoming women, & I’ve seen a female-fueled marketing department make the impossible happen without even chipping a nail. 

I have so many incredible influences to celebrate this Womens Day and I’m happy to say I’ll be eating a cookie …or two… in your honor. Hug your mom, stop hating on your friends, watch a girl power movie.

I’ve never been more ready to live my life like a girl. 

Stuck in my head: Green Light // Lorde
Snap it: SOHO, NYC

Calling More Cooks to the Kitchen

Take one look at my Instagram and based on the Cava recipes I’ve posted you would think I’m genius with a knife and some mircogreens. Fact: I don’t even know the difference between a “clove” of garlic and a garlic.

One of my favorite parts of my internship is working with Marissa (think intern friend turned boss/mentor) to film Snapchat and Instagram stories. Besides living out my modeling dreams & getting to pretend to have my own cooking show, it’s been a really great opportunity to experience something so foreign and strange to me. I mean, I know what a whisk is, but why would I ever actually use it? Also, I’ve learned a little about what I like, don’t like, and never want to touch again in the kitchen.

Each recipe is it’s own adventure complete with a learning curve. Our first endevour that made a splash was the Harissa Avocado Grilled Cheese, which set the cooking difficulty bar a little low and the flavor wow factor way high for recipes to come. With each new Toast Tuesday & Hummus Hacks segment I’ve gotten way out of my kitchen comfort zone, which previously consisted of scrambling eggs and baking broccoli. And the best part of all of it is that when things get a little too Top Chef for us, there are so many experienced friends in the office volunteering to help the culinarily-challenged. Leave no hummus lover behind. 

Things I like: Drizzling pomegranate molasses on roasted eggplant & spreading hummus on things.

Things I don’t like: Really hot kitchens with not enough counter space, the smell of turmeric, & how onions actually do make you cry.

Things I never want to touch again: Smoked salmon.

I don’t see myself becoming a star with a stove, but there’s definitely something to be said about becoming more comfortable in the kitchen the more time you spend in it. Besides learning how to sprinkle paprika without it clumping and knead pizza dough, flexibility is a big complement to cooking. Sometimes a little substitution can competely change the chemistry of a meal, and sometimes it adds that little hint of what was missing in the first place. Life can basically be like running out of a spice and having to think and substitute in the moment. Better hope you don’t ruin the dish. 

Catch some of my favorite Cava recipes here. And watch their Instagram stories here to see my hand modeling in action.

Do you ever love your job more than Crazy Feta? Because I definitely do.

Stuck in my head: New Man // Ed Sheeran
Snap it: Loaded Avo Toast (it was so good I cried a little), Cava HQ


When Nothing & Everything is Happening.

Life has been a little crowded lately. My days have become traveling from one event to the next while the clock ticks with alarming speed. Going from interning in the morning, to a full afternoon of classes, to a packed spin class, to a new member meeting is basically just Tuesday to me at this point. As you’ve probably guessed, this is the cause of my lack of blogging lately. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s that I’d rather watch Netflix than say it. 

Here are the top five things I want to spotlight today:

  1. Long distance has not gotten any easier, in fact I would argue it’s getting worse. With barely enough time to even change my socks in the morning my communication skills have fallen off the face of the Earth a little. Imagine dating a girl that rarely returns your texts and talks so fast she forgets to breathe, just to save time. Yeah, that’s where me and MC are at right now. Goal #1 of a million: Take the time to actually cherish the fact that I have such a good person in my life & Facetime him back every now and then.
  2. Learning to balance everything has been really difficult & even though I keep 3 separate calendars, none of them have the ability to send me a reminder that my training is NEXT week, not this week. No matter how many times I write down the right date and time, odds are I will show up somewhere wrong anyway. It might be time to learn the tricks and trades of Google Calendar.
  3. With all my college best friends headed in different social directions, it’s important to me, now more than ever before, to really make an effort to stay close. But even with so much going on, we easily manage to stay a part of each others lives. It’s low key a long distance relationship sometimes, but “we’re fine,” as we say at least 20 times a day to each other (whether it’s true or not).
  4. Just a little update- the food here is not getting any better but I think I am becoming numb to the feeling of never being satisfied. Broccoli and Chocolate Chex just aren’t cutting it anymore. This may be linked to my attachment to coming home. But correlation is not causation and we’re not scientists here, so.
  5. This is a short thank you to my mom who literally plans my life, fixes all my problems, and always calls me back. Teenage girls out there, appreciate your mom. Even if she tells you you have to stay at school and be independent when all you want is to be fed a quality meal and have a night in your queen sized bed.

Hopefully more posts to come in the not so distant future. Until then I’m going to watch the Oscars & study for upcoming midterms like it’s my third job. 

Stuck in my head: City of Stars // La La Land Soundtrack
Snap it: Vigilante Coffee Shop, Hyattsville

Pass the SweeTARTs Hearts.

A little late, but all the same, here come my true feeling on *Valentine’s Day*. And let me warn you, I am not a curl up with a pint of ice cream and The Notebook kinda girl & I’m definitely not a my boyfriend better send me a dozen long stemed roses girl either. I fall somewhere in between ~why the hell is this a holiday~ and ~I can’t wait for candy to go on sale~. 

A little background- I am completely and totally addicted to all types of sugar, so one would think Halloween & Vday would be like Christmas to me. Wrong. I eat candy everyday, whether I’m dressed as a slutty cat or not. Growing up I was a sucker for the Valentine’s Day parties in elementary school. Believe me, I live for the free candy, it’ll last me about 2 days. But as I got older it became less about chocolate and more about companionship. Suddenly buying your own candy was a sign that you were forever alone. NOT. COOL.

And even when I got a boyfriend February 14th stayed my least favorite holiday of the year. Sure it was nice to have someone to spend it with, but if you actually love someone you don’t need a holiday to show it. How did MC and I celebrate last year? Probably with Netflix and Cava. Just like every other hang out we’ve ever had. No roses. No hearts. Just How I Met Your Mother. 

One thing I do love is GALentine’s Day. I mean who doesn’t want to complain about boys & watch a movie? I love girls supporting girls more than a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese, but I support my friends endlessly. Once again, a day on the calendar doesn’t change that. Ladies, I’m here 24/7. Chocolate coma or no chocolate coma.

So how did I spend my Valentine’s day? Well, it started with a GIF from MC that said something about love (gag). Then I went to internship, classes, taught spin, & had a very steamy date with 49 chapters of my Benjamin Franklin autobiography. Sexy day, right?

And per usual, the night ended with a handful of gummies and goodnight text. 

Stuck in my head: The Outlaw Josey Wales // Zella Day
Snap it: Cava HQ, Chinatown

My Slice of Pi(e)

I can remember hearing about sororities forever. I watched GREEK & lived through tales from older friends, so I basically called myself a mini-expert on all things srat. Since the dawn of time, I dreamed and dreamed of having sisters, a house, and greek letters to call my own. Rush was quite the experience, but it led me to my newest adventure, Alpha Omicron Pi. 

Recuritment is something truly unique & there is absolutely nothing that tests your ability to girl flirt more. Going from house to house was like walking on air, honestly. I’d been counting down the days until I was a PNM before I even committed to Maryland. Late nights and sore throats were just sacrifices in the process.

Rush doesn’t work out for everyone, it’s just a fact. And when I say I think I got lucky in the process I truly and deeply mean it. As rounds got smaller the pressure built to make a decision and try to find my perfect fit. The problem was I saw myself everywhere and was super scared to admit I had a favorite at risk of being cut by the next round. Some call me superstitious, some call me obsessive, I just call myself emotionally unstable. 

As I looked at my Preference round list, I didn’t even have to think where I belonged. The decision had already been made by the amazing women that had come before me. Girls in AOII had already touched my life in such unrepayable ways it was hard to grasp the possibility that I could one day call them my sisters. To them I already owed my good times because they got me through the bad times & helped me become who I am today. Almost officially an AOII sister & a true lover of all things girl power. I can barely imagine how much more AOII will touch my life.

While change is nerve-wracking and meeting 100+ girls in one day can only be described as overwhelming, this is one of those moments that fails to be translated into words. I feel so incredibly honored it brings me to tears to say I made it.

Here’s to Pledge Class 17, Alpha Loves, a thousand new Instagram followers, and a GroupMe message that will probably never stop exploding. I finally found my perfect slice of Pi(e), and I plan to never let it go. 

Stuck in my head: Walking On A Dream // Empire of the Sun
Snap it: AOII house, Bid Day 17…aka the best place ever.

To Ally and Kuff- I literally can’t put anything into words, but you know. It was always AOII because of you. Eternally greatful. 

Quick little Dictionary:
Srat– sorority
PC– Pledge Class
PNM– Potential new member
Preference Round– Last round of recruitment. Super emotional. Super beautiful. No words to describe it.



BRB, Netflix is on the Line…

When I say I used to be passive aggressive I mean I used to be ~passive aggressive.~ In a culture of feminine politeness and submission I was always worried to say what I actually wanted to say at risk of offending someone and being the bitch in the room. Even if we were just talking about where to get dinner. The dreaded “…” was more common than a Juicy Couture sweatsuit in the early 2000s. Just use your imagination. 

So, here comes a tribute post to the person that taught me the importance of *true* communication- the one and only MC. 

When we started dating it was hard for me to say how I felt about anything because all I could think was that if I said something wrong he’d run for the hills like the Von Trapp family Sound of Music style. But something that really changed my perspective on the whole thing was when he straight up asked me not to play the passive game. And at first I was stunned. I hadn’t really ever been called out for it before, but once he said it I realized my whole friend group was guilty and I was the “Queen of the Dot Dot Dot.” BRB, Netflix is on the line, they want to create another Making of a Murder show but starring me called Making of a Passive Aggressive Sass Monster. They’ve already casted Mindy Kaling.

Since then we’ve mastered communication together and it’s been the biggest reason we’ve made it this far. Sure, I cry every time we disagree but that’s just me and my overactive tear ducts. Let me bottle it up for a couple days and then we’ll talk it out better than Dr. Phil. Problem, meet discussion. Real game changer.

When I sit down and think about it, the whole thing has made me more candid and less avoidant in other friendships, too. I’ll be the first girl in the room to tell you if something doesn’t look straight off the runway or if that lunchtime salad munch is hanging around in your teeth. No playing. No “uuuummmm.” No reason to flirt around what I actually want to say. It’s a kind of security in what you think that makes you realize everyone is entitled to an opinion and you should share it if it’s A) not totally evil and B) something you care about.

Dear world, just say what you actually want. I can’t listen to the pretending not to care if we go to mall when all you really want to eat ice cream in our pajamas and watch the Bachelor. Just let me know & I’ll bring my Lactaid pills.

So MC, I guess I’ll add this to the list of things I’ve gotten out of our relationship. Right below back scratches and Cava date nights.

Stuck in my head: I Can Feel a Hot One // Manchester Orchestra
Snap it: Adams Morgan

A Month of No Sweat.

The Netflix filled nights of break have been traded for textbooks and trainings & I’m totally okay with it. Aimlessness has never really been my thing. I’m more of a to-do list kind of girl. Not that no reason Target runs weren’t great, I just find academics a little more fulfilling.

All change is hard, but changing routine is always the hardest. Over break I momentarily detached myself from my one true love: exercise. If you know me at all, you know this was heartwrenching and emotional to live through (insert tears here). Spin bikes were replaced by walks to the fridge and I basically forgot what a dumbell was. But through my *fitness pause* I learned a lot about body image and how meaningful exercise is to me. 

I’m such a body positive preacher. Learn it, see it in the mirror, love it. And I originally thought that taking a break from my intense exercise schedule would lead all that positivity to falter. It’s natural to associate inactivity with gaining weight, and gaining weight with lower self confidence. Though I was suffering through my down time, I really enjoyed spending even more time with the people I loved, doing whatever we were doing, whether it was devouring a pizza or shopping. Focusing my energy more on making the most of the moments I had with my friends and family made the days pass like minutes and dulled my eagerness to get back to the gym. The pressure of idleness faded and for the first time in a long time skipping the gym wasn’t more tragic than the Titanic. 

But don’t you dare for a second think that I stopped missing the sweat that starts in your elbows as you squat or the beat that pushes you through that sprint. Everyday I wished I could get up and lift it out, and finally ONE MONTH LATER I could.

Sitting on the spin bike for the first time in a while was a little nerve wracking but more exciting. For me, the thrill of a hard workout is almost romantic. With my spin classes (that I’m teaching!!!) starting next week, it’s crunch time to whip my body back into shape. I’ve never backed down from a challenge, and this definitely won’t be the first time. Double workouts days, here I come.

So here’s my two cents, if you’ve ever wanted to workout, just get out there and do it. Find the type of fitness that makes you passionate because once you love it, there’s no turning back. Turn Instagram goals into personal goals and get on that stairclimber today. You can totally have a Kardashian butt if you climb hard enough.

Here’s to being happy doing nothing, happy doing something, and happy inbetween. Today’s workout is definitely going in my 100 Happy Days book. Feels good to be back where I belong. 

Stuck in my head: Peanut Butter Jelly // Galantis
Snap it: Madewell, NYC