10 Thoughts When…

Let’s review a few fun facts about my life.

A) I have a boyfriend named MC
B) We are long distance
C) I am horrible at all forms of communication (excluding Instagram and Snapchat)

Well, this weekend I’m pretty sure I hit a peak in my life because MC told me he got accepted to Maryland for Fall 2017. Aw, it’s okay, I basically peed my pants of joy too when I found out. If you’re familiar with the transfer process for UMD then you know that the application is long, nothing happens on time, and they love to keep you guessing. So when MC’s decision was two weeks late, we had kinda lost hope that it would work out. Blame it on the system. Blame it on my acute pessimism. Whatever.

But sitting at my internship, rereading his message “I got in” ten thousand times, these were the 10 thoughts that immediately ran through my head.

  1. This is a mean joke. 
  2. Is this actually a joke.
  3. Wait, oh my god, this is real.
  4. I wish I could stand up and dance right now. 
  5. What would happen if I stood up and danced right now.
  6. My heart might explode out of my body. 
  8. I wonder if MC’s dad is crying right now.
  9. Remember to order him a present on Amazon. 
  10. I’m so proud of my boyfriend. 

It can be scary to think about merging two things that’ve been so separate for the past year. MC and I always say how we don’t really know each other as college students, but luckily that gets to change. The beauty of long distance, while super horrible, is that you can freely grow and change and bring a new perspective to the relationship. I think without our time apart there are a lot of things that wouldn’t have ever matured between us. Going to school together will probably prove to be another challenge, but at least it’s one where we can see each other without planning it weeks in advance.

Before I wrap this up with some cute closing line, I want to emphasize how proud I am of MC. It wasn’t an easy journey to get here, but he worked so hard to be a Terp. And no, he’s not just transferring for me. See, two people can want to be at the same place, irrelevant of each other. Strange concept, I know. Try and wrap your brain around it. And no matter where our relationship goes from here, at least we’re both where we belong, rubbing Testudo’s nose. 

So get ready for adorable Instagrams of your favorite couple decked out in red, black, white, and gold.

Stuck in my head: Wait // M83
Snap it: Towson, MD

Peace, love, JURD. 

BRB, Netflix is on the Line…

When I say I used to be passive aggressive I mean I used to be ~passive aggressive.~ In a culture of feminine politeness and submission I was always worried to say what I actually wanted to say at risk of offending someone and being the bitch in the room. Even if we were just talking about where to get dinner. The dreaded “…” was more common than a Juicy Couture sweatsuit in the early 2000s. Just use your imagination. 

So, here comes a tribute post to the person that taught me the importance of *true* communication- the one and only MC. 

When we started dating it was hard for me to say how I felt about anything because all I could think was that if I said something wrong he’d run for the hills like the Von Trapp family Sound of Music style. But something that really changed my perspective on the whole thing was when he straight up asked me not to play the passive game. And at first I was stunned. I hadn’t really ever been called out for it before, but once he said it I realized my whole friend group was guilty and I was the “Queen of the Dot Dot Dot.” BRB, Netflix is on the line, they want to create another Making of a Murder show but starring me called Making of a Passive Aggressive Sass Monster. They’ve already casted Mindy Kaling.

Since then we’ve mastered communication together and it’s been the biggest reason we’ve made it this far. Sure, I cry every time we disagree but that’s just me and my overactive tear ducts. Let me bottle it up for a couple days and then we’ll talk it out better than Dr. Phil. Problem, meet discussion. Real game changer.

When I sit down and think about it, the whole thing has made me more candid and less avoidant in other friendships, too. I’ll be the first girl in the room to tell you if something doesn’t look straight off the runway or if that lunchtime salad munch is hanging around in your teeth. No playing. No “uuuummmm.” No reason to flirt around what I actually want to say. It’s a kind of security in what you think that makes you realize everyone is entitled to an opinion and you should share it if it’s A) not totally evil and B) something you care about.

Dear world, just say what you actually want. I can’t listen to the pretending not to care if we go to mall when all you really want to eat ice cream in our pajamas and watch the Bachelor. Just let me know & I’ll bring my Lactaid pills.

So MC, I guess I’ll add this to the list of things I’ve gotten out of our relationship. Right below back scratches and Cava date nights.

Stuck in my head: I Can Feel a Hot One // Manchester Orchestra
Snap it: Adams Morgan